Akryl Fronts Frontpol s.c.

Since 2008 we are offering you high-gloss furniture front panels - akryl Premium Xakryl 0.5, and Polygloss and matt front panels: Pianovo and Polymatt.  Since the onset of our activity we have been relying exclusively on panels of German manufacturer, NIEMANN MOBELTEILE. The headers we veneer with a dedicated edge of front panel colour or the bicolour, glass-imitating DUO edge. 

Our headers can be used in the manufacture of kitchen, bathroom, and any in-built furniture.

The maximum front panel size is:

acrylic (all colours) - 2780 x 1230 mm

The minimum size of header veneered on 4 sides is:

7 x 15 cm

We improve our standards due to the growing customers’ requirements. We are innovative, flexible, we follow trends, we attempt to introduce new ideas and solutions.

We are recognized due to the highest quality over the country, wide choice of colours, short lead time, and competent, professional service.

Since 1 July 2011 our furniture front panels have been marked by holograms with our logo. Those ensure the highest quality of our products and their authenticity.

The lead time is no longer than 14 days.

New on our offer

Our samples are available in a  Samplebox.

This small box contains all the colours on our offer. On request, to demonstrate the quality, we also provide a sample 20x20 cm.

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