Frontpol entered the market already in 2008.

We were first to introduce German manufacturer NIEMANN MOBELTEILE with its high-gloss furniture front panels - acrylicpolygloss, and polymatt. High-gloss furniture front panels may be used in different ways: in kitchens, in bathrooms, and in interior constructions.

We are recognized due to the highest quality over the country, wide choice of colours, short lead time, and competent, professional service.

We improve our standards due to the growing customers’ requirements. We are innovative, flexible, we follow trends, we attempt to introduce new ideas and solutions.

Our furniture front panels are sold all over Poland by the network of wholesale outlets and directly by company’s seat. Find out what we have to offer.


Since 1 July 2011 our furniture front panels have been marked by holograms with our logo. Those ensure the highest quality of our products and their authenticity.


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