The Project concerns the modernization of production processes by the acquisition of innovative furniture front panels cutting and veneering devices.

It will result in the modernization of the air supply to all the equipment, including that newly bought, in the company as well. During the investment, the intra-company information-flow management system will be implemented (the flow starting at an order to a design, to quality assurance, to packing, and transport). We are also going to implement the visualisation system of available products.

General objective: Competitiveness improvement
Specific objectives: 

1. Reduction of energy consumption. 

2. Optimisation of information flow within the enterprise.

3. Improvement of production efficiency. 

4. Reduction of raw material consumption.

The Company will achieve such a general goal, ie. will improve its competitiveness, by achieving particular objectives, each constituting a part of the answer to diagnosed problems. The objectives were determined by an in-depth analysis and achieving them is tightly connected with completing the expenditures to be financed within this project. The project was planned based on CSR standards (Corporate Social Responsibility), so it include many elements concerning the protection of natural environment (limiting the use of electricity and materials results in restricting emissions harmful to the environment).

The carried out operation will lead to the implementation of new products - not yet offered by the Company or other rival enterprises - both on national and foreign markets.

The total value of the Project amounts to PLN 1 305 030.00, of which PLN 529 439.00 is the share of European Funds.


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